Happy 50th Anniversary to JAMBAR Partner Bread & Roses Presents

Feb 19, 2024
Happy 50th Anniversary to JAMBAR Partner Bread & Roses Presents

One of JAMBAR’s founding philanthropic partners, Bread & Roses Presents, is celebrating an incredible milestone this year - 50 years of bringing hope, healing and joy through live music and the performing arts to children, adults and seniors who are disadvantaged, marginalized or otherwise isolated in diverse San Francisco Bay Area institutional settings. 

Bread & Roses Presents programs uplift the spirits of low-income children who otherwise wouldn’t have access to live performances, young people who are struggling to make better choices, families in homeless shelters, seniors nearing end-of-life transitions, and others living apart from friends and family while facing challenging times.

“I know firsthand the healing influence of music. After I lost my husband in 2004, I turned to live music to rediscover joy in my life, and decided to become a drummer,” said Jennifer Maxwell, founder of JAMBAR. “Bread & Roses brings the transformative power of live music directly to people who may not otherwise have access to concerts. I love their mission, and salute them for being such a positive force for the past 50 years.”

In 2023, Bread & Roses presented more than 500 concerts by volunteer musicians for 54,399 audience members served by 67 facility partners across eight Bay Area counties. Bread & Roses has long-standing relationships with institutions including The Cedars of Marin, The Redwoods, Zuckerberg SF General Hospital and The Veterans Home in Yountville. No other organization has served as wide a variety of audiences of disadvantaged youth, adults and seniors with live music for as long as this beloved Bay Area non-profit. ​

“We really appreciate being a JAMBAR philanthropic music partner, and all the company does to support Bread & Roses Presents. Their mission to be ‘an instrument of positivity’ is a perfect fit for us. Like JAMBAR, we believe in making authentic human connections by delivering hope and healing through live music for isolated folks,” said Bread & Roses Presents Executive Director Dave Perron. “We were happy that Jenny Maxwell and the JAMBAR Team were able to attend our recent benefit concert, and all of our guests appreciated the JAMBARs for some extra energy following a night of incredible music. We hope to keep jammin’ with JAMBAR for years to come."

Bread & Roses Celebrating with JAMBAR

Team JAMBAR had a great time celebrating at Bread & Roses Presents’ annual fundraiser. Pictured: Tanya Clark (JAMBAR marketing), Jennifer Maxwell (JAMBAR founder), Dave Perron (Bread & Roses Presents executive director), Marco Acosta (JAMBAR customer service), Danny Scher (Bay Area concert promoter).