JAMBAR is an energy bar. It’s a labor of love. It’s an instrument of positivity. There’s a lot to unwrap. So let’s get jammin’!

Creating JAMBAR in my kitchen (with the same KitchenAid mixer) is a continuation of the lasting impact Brian and I had when creating PowerBar® in 1985. JAMBAR is a premium organic energy bar for today and tomorrow with a purpose that goes beyond our original intention of “Fuel for Optimum Performance.” JAMBAR is an energy bar for promoting community and eating healthy organic nutrition. Even as Brian is no longer with us, the greatness of our innovation lives on.

You can have the best intentions, but when you’re making an energy bar, you’re only as good as your ingredients. At JAMBAR, only the highest quality ingredients are used. Plus, 50% of the profits from JAMBAR are being donated to programs that support active living and the art of music.

Being an athlete and musician, this philanthropic focus is important to me, and central to who we are at JAMBAR. These energy bars are my labor of love. At the same time, it’s bigger than me. It’s truly a team effort, from the people in the small production plant we own to our eco-conscious suppliers to the inspiring community organizations who have come together in support of JAMBAR’s vision of well-being and harmony.

The JAMBAR story is your story, too. By eating organic, being physically active, and experiencing music, you are an instrument of positivity. Together, we’re creating communities of kindred spirits, open to new possibilities simply by getting closer to nature and the things that make us truly happy.

Jennifer Maxwell, Founder & CEO

So make JAMBAR your own. Dare a little. Discover your authentic self and share it with others. We’re here to give you the power to get your jam on, whatever it may be.
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