JAMBAR & Wade Holland Deliver a Huge Surprise to the Western Montana Musicians Co-op!

Jan 10, 2023
JAMBAR & Wade Holland Deliver a Huge Surprise to the Western Montana Musicians Co-op!

We are always looking for special ways to collaborate and this holiday season brought us a truly epic opportunity! JAMBAR founder Jennifer Maxwell was introduced to social media influencer Wade Holland and they quickly realized this was not the first time they’d met. As a former competitive downhill skier, Wade was an early ambassador for PowerBar® back in the 80s, and he was thrilled to reconnect.


“I’m a huge fan of Jenny’s and the PowerBar and JAMBAR brands she built,” says Wade. “I’m also a seeker of adventure and someone who appreciates brands that have a philanthropic impact. I am so impressed with JAMBAR’s commitment to donating 50% of their after-tax profits to organizations that support music and active living.”

Wade is known for his adventurous spirit and his creativity with going out into the world with “STOKE” (e.g. positive vibes). While developing the concept for a collaboration with JAMBAR, he knew he wanted to go beyond merely creating a video of himself in nature with his new favorite energy bars. He wanted to align with JAMBAR’s value of supporting music by making an impact on a group near and dear to his own heart -- the Western Montana Musicians Co-op, which was co-founded by his future father-in-law, Doug Ruhman. Wade, who calls Doug one of the most inspiring people in his life, says the donation-based co-op has been struggling to continue bringing music to this rural community.


Jennifer was intrigued when Wade told the JAMBAR team about the Montana musicians. “Doug’s co-op falls completely in line with our mission of supporting organizations that share the transformative power of music with their communities,” says Jennifer. “I know first-hand the importance of music - it was a huge part of my healing process after my husband Brian’s death. The prospect of being able to help an entire town was hugely enticing.” Located in the small town of Ronan, on the Flathead Reservation, the WMMC co-op provides its members a place to perform, practice and enjoy music with others in a space that isn’t also a bar.

Wade then suggested a “twist”: Instead of accepting a fee for a marketing program that he and Jennifer were developing, Wade proposed they double the amount and donate it to the musicians’ co-op. Jennifer was immediately on board.

Wade and his fiancee, Abby Wren, flew to Montana for Christmas. During a Holiday JAM Night on Dec. 17, Wade surprised Doug and the WMMC with a $5,000 check (and a whole lot of JAMBARs!).

Calling the windfall “truly epic,” Doug says the donation will pay for a new sound system to replace their old, damaged set-up. “This will let us have much improved and more reliable equipment for practicing and performing music,” he says. “It will also allow us to record our community's musical creations, and to partner with local youth who can then mix and master it and give it back to our members as polished recordings.”

Wade and his team captured footage of the night in Montana. Check out Wade’s awesome videos on Instagram and TikTok.

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