Weekend Warrior Winter Workout series with Jonny Moseley

Jan 22, 2023
Weekend Warrior Winter Workout series with Jonny Moseley

Get fit and flexible for the slopes with Olympic Gold Medalist Freestyle Skier Jonny Moseley's Weekend Warrior Winter Workout series

As part of its push to fuel winter athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, JAMBAR has partnered with Moseley, a legendary skier, freestyle skiing analyst, and the face of California’s Palisades Tahoe.

To kick off the collaboration, Moseley created a series of winter workout video tips designed to help skiers, boarders and fitness enthusiasts get and stay in shape during the winter season. Moseley works out in his outdoor garage gym demonstrating some of his favorite exercises, including the Romanian Deadlift, which he calls “the most important exercise for skiers.”

While his exercises will be welcome by all active people who like to work out at home or at the gym, they're especially great for those planning to hit the slopes. 

“Since our launch about a year ago, we’ve had a great reaction from runners and bikers who are using JAMBAR energy bars to fuel their activities. Now that we’re in the winter sports season, we want more cold weather athletes to discover our bars. It’s great to have Jonny, an iconic winter athlete, back as part of our team,” said Maxwell. “Jonny is an incredible athlete to work with.”

Jonny's 5 Weekend Warrior Winter Workout Tips

Tip 1. - The Box:

Want to turn up your power on the slopes? These two box-based exercises will increase flexibility and strength and help prevent injury. 

Part 1 of 2: Introducing the Box

Part 2 of 2: One-legged squats

Tip 2. - Ball Squats: 

Next, let's try some medicine ball squats and wall squats. 

Tip 3 - The Romanian Deadlift: 

The gold standard for both weekend warriors and Olympians! Grab your kettlebell and workout like a pro (literally!) and nail your Romanian Deadlifts at home or in the gym to get ready for the slopes.

Romanian Kettlebell Deadlift (1 of 2)

Romanian Kettlebell Deadlift (2 of 2)