Trail Racing Extravaganza: Northern California and Oregon’s Finest

Mar 11, 2024
Trail Racing Extravaganza: Northern California and Oregon’s Finest

Are you prepared to lace up your trail shoes and immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Northern California and Oregon? As the promise of warmer days and blossoming landscapes draws nearer, now is the ideal time to envision your upcoming trail racing adventures for the spring and summer. Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or a novice yearning for a new challenge, there's an event for you in this exciting lineup of upcoming races.


Enviro Sports - Coastal Trail Runs Embark on a journey into the heart of Northern California's coastal wilderness with Enviro Sports Trail Runs, spearheaded by the legendary race director Dave Horning. Most of these races happen in State Parks, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and challenging terrain. These events bring together all types of runners, from beginners to the best of the best from the local elite running community. Traverse the stunning coastline along the Marin Headlands, Mt Tamalpais, and Angel Island, and prepare to be rewarded with sweeping ocean views and lush, forested trails across distances ranging from 10K to ultra. Check out the below three races, amongst the countless others hosted throughout the year.
  • Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half, and 10k: Saturday, April 6, 2024
  • Mt Tam Boar Run: Saturday, April 27, 2024
  • Angel Island Half Marathon 10k: Saturday, August 10, 2024
NorCalUltras – California’s Premier Ultra Endurance Events  Join trail enthusiasts from around the world for epic California trail races hosted by NorCal Ultras, exhilarating events led by a fantastic team, including race director Julie Fingar. NorCal Ultra offers a diverse array of trail runs, highlighted by the renowned Way Too Cool 50k, designed to accommodate various skill levels and preferences. These races feature ultramarathons spanning from 50 kilometers to 100 miles, as well as shorter distance options such as half marathons and 10ks. The courses wind through breathtaking landscapes, encompassing rugged mountains, verdant forests, and picturesque coastal trails. NorCal Ultras' events attract both seasoned ultrarunners seeking a challenge and newcomers eager to explore the beauty of Northern California's wilderness. Don’t miss the  following events for 2024:
  • American River 50M Endurance Run: Saturday, April 6, 2024
  • Twilight Trail Adventure 10k & 5k: Race date TBD
  • Rio Del Lago 100M: Monday, November 4, 2024
Headlands 50k - Hosted by Tamalpa Runners Headlands 50k, an annual ultramarathon organized by Tamalpa Runners, offers trail runners an exhilarating challenge through the scenic Marin Headlands just north of San Francisco. Starting at Santos Meadows near Muir Woods, participants tackle a 31-mile course featuring singletrack trails, fire roads, and steep climbs, including iconic routes like the Coastal, Miwok, and Tennessee Valley. Against the backdrop of panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, the Golden Gate Bridge, and lush hillsides, runners push their limits amidst aid stations offering support and camaraderie. Completing the Headlands 50k signifies not only a physical achievement but also a journey of self-discovery and passion for the sport, making it an unforgettable experience while celebrating one of California’s most scenic coastlines.
  • Tamalpa Headlands 50k: Saturday, August 17, 2024


Go Beyond Racing - Oregon's Finest Trail Race Company Founded and managed by Renee and Todd Janssen, Go Beyond Racing hosts trail running events in the Pacific Northwest, featuring races ranging from 4 to 200 miles in distance. These races are immensely popular, celebrated for their laid-back yet energetic atmosphere and picturesque routes throughout Oregon and Washington. The races provide participants with challenging and awe-inspiring experiences. They offer a variety of  formats, including single and multi-day events, as well as timed (i.e. 12 and 24-hour) races. Additionally, Go Beyond Racing prioritizes sustainability by minimizing their environmental impact through waste reduction and a strong emphasis on recycling. Race dates include these and more that are described on their website (

  • Portland Trail Series - Spring Race #1: April 10, 2024
  • Bend Trail Series - Race #1: May 16, 2024
  • Stumptown Trail Runs Half Marathon & 50K: May 25 & 27, 2024
  • Bristow 24/12/6 Hour Run: June 15, 2024
  • Volcanic 50K & 25K: August 3 & 4, 2024
  • Oregon 200: August 23-27, 2024
  • Lastest Not Fastest: October 5, 2024

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