Welcome to the JAMBAR Blog

Sep 27, 2022
Welcome to the JAMBAR Blog

Home of all things organic, musical, and active

By Jenny Maxwell

Hi! I’m Jenny, the Founder and CEO of JAMBAR. Thank you for checking out JAMBAR and our very first blog post!

Speaking of firsts, the first JAMBARs appeared on store shelves less than a year ago, and it’s already been an amazing ride. You can now find our organic bars up and down the West Coast, JAMBAR was named the best protein bar for runners by Runner’s World, and we’ve gotten amazing feedback from athletes, musicians and people who care about the quality of ingredients they put into their bodies.

Jennifer Maxwell, Founder of JAMBAR

Moving forward, here are the kind of things you can expect to see on our blog:

  • Posts that demystify nutrition and energy bar ingredients – I have a degree in food science and nutrition, studied exercise physiology with Dr. George Brooks, and have been a lifelong runner (even throughout my six pregnancies!). I’m going to write articles addressing the most common questions we get about ingredients and do a deep dive into things like natural vs. refined sugars, different sources of protein, and how to determine the optimal blend of carbs/protein/fat for your lifestyle. If you have questions, you’d like me to answer in a future post, please send them to jammin@jambar.com with “Question for Jennifer” in the subject line.

  • Updates and photos from events, races and our nonprofit partnersGet ready to see JAMBARs in their natural habitat … on trails, at concerts, at finish lines and anywhere else people need a healthy, delicious pick-me-up! We donate 50% of our after-tax profits to organizations that support two causes near and dear to our hearts – music and active living. Check out some of the great nonprofits we support here.

  • Music! – with a name like JAMBAR, of course there will be music! I’m a drummer in two Bay Area bands, we support great organizations that bring music to neighborhoods and students, and we sponsor a variety of incredible concerts. Stay tuned for outtakes from events and performances by some of our friends in the music industry.

JAMBAR is more than a bar, it’s a labor of love. I look forward to sharing our story and hearing how we can help fuel your adventures.

Jenny Maxwell