12 Bar Box - Jammin’ Jazzleberry

A jazzy combo of organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries that hits the right notes: bright and tangy.

This box contains 12 bars of Jammin' Jazzleberry.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

Customer Reviews

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Ted 26Man
If you remember the original WILD BERRY PB - You'll love this!!!

Back in the 'old' days of the original Powerbar, WILD BERRY was my favorite. True to their roots and the flavors that inspire all athletes, this is THE energy/nutrition bar that re-inspires me to lace up my running shoes every morning and continue my quest for athletic excellence. THANKS SO MUCH for bringing back the flavors we love and help us maintain the nutrition well all need!

Christopher Cook
Great Tasting Energy Bar!!

These are such lifesavers for me! I build trails, snowboard, surf etc. and am constantly needing food on the go. I always have one of these bars with me. They taste so good and I am happier knowing they're made with organic ingredients. The Jammin Jazzleberry is my favorite flavor!!

Valerie R
Great for midday snacks

We tried all of the Jambar flavors and while all of them are good, we were kind of surprised that Jazzleberry has become our favorite. We expected it to be chocolate or malt nut. :) I love that the ingredients are high quality and organic. Grabbing a Jambar for snacks has become a great way to manage my blood sugar levels during the day. We just took some on a week-long trip and they saved me many times. They are so much better than other bars out there and I can't thank you enough for creating these!

WB Sykes
Excellent bar!!!

I've tried many bars and this bar is up there in the satisfaction zone, because; it has great flavor and brightness from the berry mix WITHOUT being too sweet- love that. Just the right mix of ingredients and I wouldn't complain if the bar was a bit bigger, say in the 2.75-3 oz range :) Highly recommend, and who doesn't want to support a good cause? cheers

Kevin Cronin
Go To After My Long Runs

I really like this flavor and the just right firmness of the bar. It meets my immediate hunger and easy to digest; puts me in a good place for a proper early lunch when I'm more comfortable to eat.