12 Bar Box - Malt Nut Melody

This delightful quartet of peanut, sesame, malt and vanilla is a melody that’s familiar yet new and invigorating.

This box contains 12 bars of Malt Nut Melody.

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Customer Reviews

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Mark Darter
OK, but...

Overall good product, but it didn't have the strong malt flavor I had hoped it would have. Probably needs more malt and less of some other ingredients.


I am a cyclist and I always carry bars with me. I happened upon Jambar at a sandwhich shop and fell in love! This bar is not too sweet and the consistency is perfect! This is my new Jam!!!!!

Can't get enough

The last Marin Century bike ride is where I first came into contact with your product. Now it's my go to everything. From missing lunch, before and after a long bike ride and everything I can make an excuse to munch down on either the chocolate or malt bar. I make sure that I order a constant supply, for when I need a tasty pick me up. Well done Jambar.

My search is over!

For years I was buying a Sea Salt Caramel bar from one of your competitors. Earlier this year they discontinued it, but made a similar flavor with chocolate added. Now, I have nothing against chocolate, but I didn't, and don't, want it in a meal bar. I tried many other bars from many other companies, but nothing came close. Then I discovered your Malt Nut Melody bar. It is delicious and is just right when I don't want to have a sandwich for lunch; or I just want a little something to tide me over between meals. It is also a lot "purer" than many of the other ones that I tried, and it has less fat than most. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


As a runner, weight lifter and dancer—I highly approve of these bars but especially the Malt Nut flavor! It has that yummy peanut butter flavor and a satisfying chewy texture that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth. The oats compliment the bar super well. Last week I had 5 minutes to pack a lunch and this along with a few other snacks saved me! Good for you ingredients, perfectly satisfying and delicious! Will be buying more of the Malt Nut flavor once I finish the 12 pack!