12 Bar Box - Malt Nut Melody

This delightful quartet of peanut, sesame, malt and vanilla is a melody that’s familiar yet new and invigorating.

This box contains 12 bars of Malt Nut Melody.

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Customer Reviews

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Sandy K

Love this bar. I have tried all 4 and this one is 1st place. My husband loves it too. It is not necessary to eat the whole thing at once. Or it is a great split with me bar. Delicious ingredients. xo


All of the flavors are excellent but the Malt Nut and Mango are my favorites. It’s not overly nutty, the texture is perfect. All of these bars hold me over for a long time and I love how there isn’t any of that gross icing other companies put on their bars. I found these in Key West and wish they were sold near me, but glad I can order them!

Ted 26Man
Takes me back to the day of the original!

I'm a life long runner and was one of the 'early' Ironman Kona triathletes in 1982 (when we did it twice in one calendar year!). Over the course of the past 4 decades, Powerbar has been a steady staple of my diet but when all my favorite flavors disappeared from the shelves I thought my days were numbered. THANK GOODNESS for JAMBAR and in particular the MALT NUT flavor! It's awesome and helped me get back 'out there' with a renewed appetite for fitness and an refreshed panty filled with great nutrition! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

Francesca Amann
Bravo for the Malt Nut Jambar!

The Malt Nut Jambar is a perfect symphony of flavors. Peanut butter high notes, marzipan middle chord and a vanilla base all melt in your mouth and satiate your hunger. I love it! Bravo!