12 Bar Box - Malt Nut Melody

This delightful quartet of peanut, sesame, malt and vanilla is a melody that’s familiar yet new and invigorating.

This box contains 12 bars of Malt Nut Melody.

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Mark Eger
JAMBAR is flavorful nutrition

This energy bar is a healthy alternative to other brands, and it tastes fantastic! I have had them as a standalone snack, combined with other foods for a nutritionally enhanced breakfast, and as fuel during a 20 mile trail run. This bar is awesome!


Yummy bars, very reminiscent of Power Bar, just not as sticky.

Excellent flavor, my favorite of the 4 flavors too!

These are my go-to before morning runs. I have one of these with a banana. If you love peanut butter, then you will really like these. They are very satisfying and tide me over during busy days!

Rich M
Just right

My new favorite! Love the balance of flavor and textures in Malt Nut Melody. For me, this is the most satisfying of the four, but I like variety so I got the 12-bar variety pack after finishing the 4-pack sampler. Jambars are ideal for me when I travel: frequently I don't want to (or have time to) sit down for a meal, and a Jambar is exactly what I need. My previous favorite bars made me feel like I was eating birdseed - I think you know the kind. And it gives me joy to know that you're supporting music education! I've attended several concerts at the California Jazz Conservatory that were sponsored by Jambar, and I'll be going back for more.

Mark Darter
OK, but...

Overall good product, but it didn't have the strong malt flavor I had hoped it would have. Probably needs more malt and less of some other ingredients.