Our new plant-based flavor features a bright and breezy blend of banana, pineapple and coconut.

The CERTIFIED ORGANIC energy bar made with ALL-NATURAL ingredients.
Gluten-Free Grain Based. Good Source of Protein.
Order the sample pack today to try all five mouthwatering flavors!


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Meet The Band

Chocolate Cha Cha

Featuring premium Guittard® chocolate & ancient whole grains

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Malt Nut Melody

Peanut & maple malted magic mixed with a touch of sesame and vanilla

What's Inside?
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A jazzy combo of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries

What's Inside?
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A bright and breezy blend of tropical fruits, banana, pineapple and coconut.

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Musical Mango

Energy goes exotic with delicious mango and a blend of ancient whole grains

What's inside?
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With JAMBAR, real
food is just the

How do you raise the potential of the energy bar? Start with real food ingredients. Organic. Fair trade certified. Premium ingredients, expertly combined to taste great and deliver maximum nutrition. That’s unexpected and unique. Could’ve stopped there. But let’s raise the bar. Every JAMBAR gives back to the community, promoting more human, joyful interactions. The energy you get is shared, and keeps growing. The world may not need another energy bar, but it can sure use a JAMBAR.

50% of profits
donated to
support music
and active living.

By promoting personal well-being and harmony in our communities, we’re reclaiming what makes us most human, most ourselves.

Founded by the
creator of the
original energy bar.

Jennifer Maxwell is a mom, a life-long athlete, a musician, and a food science and nutrition expert. In 1985, Jennifer and Brian Maxwell created PowerBar®. JAMBAR is her labor of love; inspired by the organic food movement, and dedicated to the human connections that make us feel vital and fulfilled.


Tia Blanco

Pro Surfer

“Finally! A bar that not only tastes delicious, but one I can trust to deliver clean, plant-based energy. JAMBAR is the perfect fuel to power my active lifestyle and motherhood.”


3X Track & Field Olympic Gold Medalist

“I really love the taste, which is odd for me because I don’t care for chocolate. But to my surprise I really enjoyed the Chocolate Cha Cha JAMBAR. It satisfied my taste buds and works well with my nutritional values I uphold when I think of a healthy snack.”


Pro Cyclist & Gravel Queen

”The pureness of the ingredients in this new energy bar is refreshing. Malt Nut has just the right mix of malt and nut and maple. I was on a long bike ride, and pulled out my JAMBAR and suddenly I was right where I needed to be. My ride went from good to better. This bar is my JAM!”

David Amram

Composer, Conductor & Renaissance Man of American Music

“JAMBARs are delicious and nutritious, and I'd recommend them to anyone. My doctor says I should be able to keep touring for 20 more years - to age 110. JAMBARs may help me to go further!"

Ryan McElmon

Pro Biker & Freeskier

“The Jammin' Jazzleberry was the perfect mid-ride pick me up! I had been riding for about two hours, felt like I was at the end of my gas tank and this bar gave me the energy that I needed to power through the last hour of the ride!”

Alex de Grassi

American Guitarist

“These tasty JAMBAR energy bars are full of the good stuff that helps you get through a long rehearsal, recording session or live gig and you'll be supporting the advancement of music and athletics at the same time. Jam on!”

Julia Maxwell

Daughter to Jenny Maxwell & Stanford University Track & Cross Country Runner

“My mom first started developing JAMBARs when I was a student-athlete at Stanford. I’m so happy other people can now enjoy JAMBARs, with the knowledge that every delicious bite goes to great causes.”

Jonathan Korty

Bay Area Musician & Fishing Guide

“Being a musician and leading fishing trips keeps me busy.. and very hungry! The new JAMBARs hit the spot when I’m on the go. Super tasty. I like the Mango best right now with its good taste and bits of mango."

Christopher Maxwell

Son to Jenny Maxwell & Member of Bowerman TC Elite Running

“JAMBAR is my go-to energy bar for pre- and post-workout as well as a healthy snack to fuel my body throughout the day. While marathon training, it provides the perfect nourishment of organic, natural ingredients and is easy to digest.”

Dr. Anthony Brown

Percussionist, Composer, Bandleader, CJC Professor, Ethnomusicologist, Smithsonian Associate Scholar

“I took a break after the first half-hour of my daily practice session, had some water and a Chocolate Cha Cha JAMBAR, then returned to the studio and got my practice jam on for an hour!”

Gerald Cleaver

World-Class Jazz Drummer and Chair, CJC Drum Department

“JAMBAR is a delicious and great choice for anyone looking for all-natural, healthy ingredients and amazing taste. And if you like to give back with your purchases, JAMBAR donates 50% of its net profit to music and active living."

Jeff Denson

CJC Dean of Instruction; First Place Winner in Downbeat Magazine’s Rising Stars Critic’s Poll for Electric Bass, 2021

“Protein-packed, vegetarian-friendly, JAMBAR is the perfect energy bar to help musicians keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle.”

Luke Clark

Marin FC Soccer Team Defender & Youth Soccer Coach

“We can’t buy enough of these in my house. JAMBAR energy bars are great before soccer training or a game. I also grab one if I am coaching kids. My favorite flavors are Malt Nut and Jammin’ Jazzleberry. I have always liked energy bars but I REALLY like JAMBARs.”

Mads Tolling

Violinist, Composer and 2X Grammy Award Winner

"I love getting my jam on with JAMBAR. It is the perfect snack after a concert, and the taste is beyond groovy!"

Kirk Joseph

Sousaphonist for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band

"The bars jam energy into you! I could feel it with every bite."

Roger Lewis

Baritone Saxophonist for the Dirty Dozen Brass Band

"I enjoyed them! They were great food for a trip."


CJC Faculty Member, Jazz Pianist and Long-Distance Runner

“It takes focused energy whether distance running or playing jazz gigs. JAMBAR is great for both trail runs and jazz runs!”


You can find JAMBARs at select grocery and sports specialty stores nationwide. Or since you're here, just head to our online store!
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